eSteth” is a highly dynamic, innovative &  the first ever Plug ‘n’ Play digital stethoscope in the world, which can capture, amplify and transmit, sounds in real-time (live), using most devices and communication platforms. eSteth transmits high quality heart and lung sounds through mobile and web channels, and thus provides one of the most critical tool in examining a patient during a telemedicine consultation. eSteth is designed to support MDConsults, but it can also be used with other communication platforms, like Skype or Google Hangout, and with other web-based telemedicine platforms. eSteth increases the reliability of the remote physical exam, and makes the diagnosis more reliable.


eSteth is available as ‘eSteth Pro’ and ‘eSteth Lite’ to assist specialized physician as well as the front line workers for better diagnosis. eSteth Pro is designed to work in professional healthcare settings to support specialized telemedicine consultation while the other version, eSteth Lite, is considered to use in community based-settings, especially for the front line health workers. This is a low-cost version to support referrals to the large centers.