Tech4Life Enterprises LogoTech4Life Enterprises is a socially motivated, innovative research and design company, specialized in telemedicine and point of care devices. The company designs and implements innovative programs and conducts market research to introduce the best practices in the field of ICT for development. Tech4Life Enterprises has expanded and commercialized its patented technologies and launched these to markets, specially targeting  developing countries. Our goal is to improve health of the population in low and middle income countries by strengthening systems and empowering stakeholders through simple innovations and enabling the use of Information and Communication Technology.


Our team consists of highly innovative experts in public health, telemedicine, software development, and health equipment; working closely with health providers and the community to ensure their empowerment. The team designs next-generation integrated telemedicine and point-of-care solutions that are unsurpassed in quality, affordability and flexibility. Tech4Life Enterprises delivers state of the art solutions that help the world realize a shared vision of universal health coverage. Our innovative solutions are supported by unsurpassed service and unequaled customer responsiveness, making us one of the leading telemedicine solution provider.


With the vision to strengthen health systems and provide better services for all, we have marked our existence across the world, over 5 continents, and continue to grow. Our trademark flagship product, MDConsults, has been implemented in 6 countries with distributors now located in more than 16 countries.