MDCONSULTS – An effective Telemedicine platform for improving access to Healthcare


Increasingly, telemedicine is being utilized by healthcare providers and patients to boost access to care, However, not all telemedicine programs are designed the same or offer the same level of service. A telemedicine program should offer clinicians & Health care providers the necessary capabilities, such as secure messaging & Diagnosis, store and forward capability & access to patient via Live consultation. MDConsults is a game changing web and mobile based telemedicine solution, which not only enhances improves access to health providers, but also enhances their competitiveness. MDConsults  has also proven to improve population health by lowering the cost of care, improving resource utilization,  and helping providers connect to access patient information for highest quality of care. It is one of its kind mobile & web based telemedicine platform that facilitates better diagnosis by connecting with a variety of peripheraldevices including dermascopes, otoscopes, ultrasound, and digital stethoscopes etc. MDConsults enables the delivery of high definition audio, video, images and data for caregivers to provide better diagnosis and treatment. In short MDConsults is an effective and innovative tool for telemedicine and point of care around the world. For more details kindly visit the link or log onto


Independent Medical Device and health technology consultant.

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