Tech4Life Receives CE Market Approval for eSteth”

esteth recieves European Regulation

Tech4Life Enterprises has received the Europe CE Marking Regulatory Process for its Digital Stethoscope “eSteth”, which is the first ever Plug ‘n’ Play digital stethoscope in the world. eStethis a highly dynamic and innovative digital stethoscope, which can capture, amplify and transmit sounds in real-time (live), using most devices and communication platforms.

CE Marking is required for commercializing any medical devices in European Union. This certification verifies that a device meets all regulatory requirements.

eSteth is available as ‘eSteth Pro’ and ‘eSteth Lite’ to assist specialized physician as well as the frontline workers for better diagnosis. Whether you are listening to live heart or lung sounds, or sharing information with other experts in any part of the world, this highly economical Digital Stethoscope meets your needs. Also, high-quality care is provided at a low cost and unnecessary investigations are avoided.


Independent Medical Device and health technology consultant.

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