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ICT Health Africa, as it’s name suggests, combines Information and Communication Technology to assist in improving Access to Healthcare in Africa.

In South Africa, where we are situated, and in the continent as a whole there is a high burden of diseases, difficulty in accessing professional healthcare practitioners, particularly in rural areas, generally low doctor to patient ratios, constrained resources and high expectations.

We believe that the solution to these challenges lie in breaking out of the traditional MDConsults Picture 1model of patients having to attend Central Hospitals to see a specialist healthcare practitioner.  We believe that technology provides an alternative that overcomes the problem of time and distance, without compromising confidentiality, patient safety or quality of service.

Vision and Mission

We therefore look forward to a future in which all patients will have access to appropriate specialist Healthcare Practitioners, using Telemedicine and facilitated by locally based, trained and adequately supported lower level healthcare workers.

Recognizing the need for Continuing Medical Education of Healthcare workers and support of Community Service Doctors, we see a future where this can be achieved through the use of Telemedicine and eLearning to connect front line remotely based health care workers with clinical and educational support systems located at Central Hospital and medical school level.MDConsults Picture 2

For this to work, the solution has to be cost effective, capable of operating in low resource (financial, personnel, technological) environments.  It has to incorporate multiple tiers in a closed user/provider group, point of care diagnostic devices and conversion of existing data such as PACS, Laboratory and EMR’s.  Above all the Telemedicine and eHealth system has to be robust and pragmatic.

ICT Health Africa have found the solution in dedicated partnerships with Tech4Life Enterprises, the developer of MDConsults, the world’s first and most comprehensive Telemedicine Solution, a local mobile telecoms company as technology partner and other manufacturers of related technology and equipment.

Our mission is to support the National Department of Health’s roll-out of a National Health Insurance, realization of the Millennium Development Goals and National Development Plan by connecting each Medical School and Central Hospital with lower level hospitals and clinics within their referral system from the lowest level clinic, though provincial hospitals and incorporating General Practitioners in the private sector.

What we stand for

  • Finding pragmatic solutions to real problems in Access to Healthcare in Africa
  • Appropriate use of Technology
  • The solution has to be affordable, cost effective and culturally appropriate
  • Patient safety, confidentiality and ultimately health outcomes are critical
  • Ethical Innovation


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